Friday, 3 February 2017

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State of Concept is very happy to host Phenomenon Anafi, for an introduction of their activities, a presentation of their book and a sneak peak of their next projects for the summer of 2017. Phenomenon is an initiative that started in 2015 in the island of Anafi.



On the 3rd of February at 18.00 we welcome you at the gallery for a discussion between the founders of Phenomenon Iordanis Kerenidis and Piergiorgio Pepe, and this year's invited participant, curator and co-founder of Council Paris, Gregory Castera, in a conversation moderated by iLiana Fokianaki.


Phenomenon is a biennial project for contemporary art held in the Aegean island of Anafi, Greece and it includes a residency, an exhibition and a publication.


For its second edition, Phenomenon will look at how histories, collective and personal, are socially constructed and constantly renegotiated. Anafi, at its small but telling scale, is a prime example of cultural stratification, where an ancient Greek temple quietly serves as the foundation of an orthodox monastery, while the history of the exiles that were held in Anafi has silently cohabited with the island's local history.


What are the forces at play that actualize the visible and the discursive and construct historical formations? How can we reinvent history and denaturalize the master narrative? The project's goal is not to complete history but to argue for a multiplicity of partial and irreducible archaeologies that open up the world to new possibilities.


The material of the presentation will be also on view on the 4th of February from 14.00-17.00


Installation Images


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